Inlay workmanship

The history of Maione's business is connected to the activity and experience of three generations of Sorrentinian inlay masters. They have always dedicated all their ability and creativity to this old art. Actually the firm is managed by Antonino Maione, he is an artist trained to the Art Institute of Sorrento. Here he has acquired the historical-technical knowledge of inlay art, then he has ripened the taste for more modern and stylized shapes going to the Art Academy of Naples. In the last years, although continuing to produce the traditional inlaid boxes of Sorrento, the firm is turning to designing and executing many modern shapes and inlays, like the well known "pianoforte and commode in miniature", but also pictures, frames and designed objects very much appreciated abroad. The process is completely hand-worked, according to the traditional handicraft techniques of "Sorrentinian Tarsia", using the wood like sole material expecially those highly esteemed as walnut, ebony, mahogany, bais or rose, all that is guaranteed with the trade-mark. You will be able to see some articles of our production, besides that, the business will offer all the experience to realize new designs or inlays on request. We sell retail or wholesale, guaranteeing safe packaging and shipping in any State.